The latest Maarten Baas: yours for $0.99

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Prominent designer Maarten Baas is going with the times: instead of presenting expensive, limited-edition interior design at this year's Saloni in Milan, he opted for his first iPhone app that incorporates an earlier work of his, the Analog Digital Clock.

The clock is part of the Dutch designer's Real Time collection, for which actors were filmed for 12 hours indicating the time by painting and swiping digital-looking numbers. Its numbers look like those of a conventional alarm clock, but are changed manually by an actor each minute.

The installation, which aims at "watching time in a different way" is often considered as video/performance art despite its functional purpose and has won several design prizes.

"I always make works without any concessions on the quality and authenticity, therefore they often are high-end unique works," Baas, who rented a private apartment in Milan to present the app, said in a statement. "The Analog Digital Clock as an iPhone app is exactly how it should be, yet this product only needs to cost one dollar."

Baas is also exhibiting The Shell, an installation he created as Design Miami's designer of the year last December, in Milan at Via Ventura 3 in Ventura Lambrate.

His new iPhone app can be downloaded at for the price of $0.99 (Saloni Milan special offer).