Toilet plungers as table legs and other innovative designs

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In a November 17 press release, Messe Frankfurt, the organizers behind the upcoming household design trade show Ambiente, revealed some of the innovative and unique designs that will be on display at the exhibition, including plungers re-imagined as table legs and lamps from old glass bottles.


The Loft section at the Ambiente trade show in Germany from February 15-19 will showcase a range of innovative creations from international designers. Among the designers exhibiting at this event are Johanna Dehio, Thomas Schnur, Hanna Krüger, Reinhard Dienes Diaz and Nina Ruthe-Klein, each of whom has re-imagined the functions of commonplace items and placed them in a new context.

Berlin-based Johanna Dehio, for example,  takes an innovative approach to temporary seating solutions with the Hockerbank bench - several stools which can be used independently or joined together to form a bench.

While Thomas Schnur changes an often overlooked item - the common plunger- into table legs, resulting in a product that changes user perspective of both the object and the seating. In a similar theme, Hanna Krüger gives old glass bottles a new lease of life and a vital role by transforming them into lamps.

The role of pressure in our lives is examined by designer Reinhard Dienes Diaz with his adjustable table Le Belge, which is held together purely by tension. The functionality of furniture is also addressed by Nina Ruthe-Klein with her design the LirumLarum chair. This child's chair can be assembled without tools and is designed to be adaptable to modern living situations as it simply hangs from the nearest table.

Prior to this exhibition in the Loft at Ambiente, designers from around the world will be exhibiting their latest high end collections at Design Miami in the United States. The exhibition, which takes place from November 30 - December 5, is expected to feature a number of exclusive one off pieces and attract buyers from around the world.

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