Top architects tell all: Richard Webster

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A partner in Webster Sheryn, Richard (pictured opposite) was notably involved in the redevelopment of West India Quay in the Isle of Dogs in east London.

What should I look for when buying?

A home needs to satisfy a multitude of functions, but I would always look for a home that you can adapt or personalise to suit your own particular needs. Often the location and plot is more important than the building, as this can always be remodelled.

When should I consult an architect?

If you want to create a home specific to your needs. A good architect will understand the client's needs and aspirations and translate these into coherent three-dimensional spaces.

What's popular at the moment?

Good architecture should not be trendy or fashionable, it should be timeless. Energy efficiency is now key to all new buildings and new innovative construction methods are commonplace. The resurgence of timber frame and the use of pre-fabricated timber panels will soon make traditional masonry construction a thing of the past.

Richard Webster's golden rules:

*Don't jump at the first idea that you have. Generally the longer you spend on the design and consideration of options, the better the end result will be.