Upcycled, recycled – green themes at Sydney Design

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From July 30 to August 14, Sydney Design in Australia asks 'is old new again?' and showcases the works of designers who are taking an environmentally friendly approach to art recycling and upcycling old objects for use in a modern context. 

The annual Sydney Design is produced by Powerhouse Museum and more than 60 other cultural associations, individuals and organizations. This year's event is themed around the question 'is old new again?' and, according to the organizers, is a "collision between design, tradition, innovation, heritage and experimentation."

Popular themes among environmentalists - particularly recycling and upcycling - can be seen in several of the exhibitions at this year's Sydney Design. 

For example the Wear, Tear & Repaired workshop by Damien Butler from Assemblage celebrates the innovative ways people around the world repair, update and repurpose old items, while the ReForm exhibition by design collective thefortynine showcases discarded objects from Sydney's streets that have been transformed into practical objects.  

A similar approach is taken by the A.L.A.S Design Company and the exhibition Transparent Seams: Upcycle Fashion! which takes disused clothing and transforms it into new garments. The Made to Measure: The Treadline Handmade Bicycle Show includes old bikes which have been restored rather than discarded. 

Eco-friendly themes are continued with the Change 11: Sustainable Designs exhibition curated by Greg Campbell from the Society for Responsible Design Inc. This exhibition is centered on four themes - rethink, repurpose, recycle and redesign - and exhibits work from university graduates across Australia.

Later in August a variety of green designs will also be showcased at the second edition of this year's New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF). Held August 13-18, the event attracts around 35,000 trade professionals and showcases products ranging from home furnishings to fashion accessories and dog toys. Since 2008 NYIGF has hosted the Sustainability: Design for a better world project which showcases a variety of ‘green' gift and home products.

The events at Sydney Design can be followed online via the official website or on Facebook and Twitter.

Sydney Design - http://www.sydneydesign.com.au
Sydney Design Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/sydneydesign
Sydney Design Twitter- @sydds
NYIGF - http://www.nyigf.com/