US launches Operation Global Hoax to nab pirates

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The first strategic plan to enforce the protection of intellectual property was announced by the Obama administration on Tuesday, involving various government agencies including the Commerce and Justice Departments.

It intends to improve coordinated efforts to stop piracy at home and abroad, online and in the physical sale of American products including movies, TV shows, video games, computer software, pharmaceuticals, counterfeit goods, and more.

Victoria Espinel, the first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, issued a report on enforcement of intellectual property laws.

According to the report, motion picture and video piracy costs the US economy $20.5 billion annually in lost output, lost wages, jobs, and taxes.

The creation of a task force in the Justice Department to investigate and uphold the Digital Millennium Copyright Act includes new federal attorneys and FBI agents focused on combating domestic and international IP property crimes.

Just launched Operation Global Hoax is a multi-national effort with 35 countries to stop the circulation of pirated movie and music products, putting purveyors out of business.

All the film studios made statements commending the new effort to protect creative and technological works.

There are now more than 150 new piracy investigations. Last month people were convicted for a counterfeit DVD import/export operation through the Philippines via websites while others have been indicted for conspiracy.