Weekly alternative uses - Bangkok Gift Fair

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Making gifts at home, as any schoolchild will tell you, is both fun and rewarding.

The Bangkok Gift Fair begins in Thailand this week, showing off everything from stationery to handicrafts and household products to thousands of visitors.

But by being creative with everyday products that might otherwise see the trashcan, it's possible to make a thoughtful gift and save some money.

Make-at-home gifts from AltUse

Coffee can pen pot
Empty coffee cans make great looking card & stationery holders and provide fun arts and crafts for the kids, says alternative use website AltUse.

Tin can lampshade
Get creative to turn a tin can into a stylish lampshade, says AltUse.

Cereal box business card holder
The cool graphics on cereal boxes are much too valuable to throw away, says AltUse. Turn your old cereal boxes or other cardboard packing into wallets or business card holders with some elastic.

Cotton swabs/Q-Tip flower display
Decorated swabs can make an attractive base for dried flowers, suggests AltUse. They can be bunched together and painted in a pot to add some extra brightness for a gift.

Alternative uses provided by AltUse - find out more at http://www.altuse.com/