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As a glittering display of jewelry goes on show at Baselworld, consumers still feeling a financial pinch can spruce up their old jewelry without spending a fortune.

The international watch and jewelry show will display watches, jewelry and precious stones from over 2000 global companies during its seven-day run, which started March 18. But Ben Goldfarb, CEO of alternative use website AltUse.com, says that new purchases can be unnecessary if older items can be given a new lease of life.

"Many people have old jewelry that they have inherited or forgotten about lying around," he explains. "Bringing them back to a shine can be very easy using everyday products."

Make-at-home AltUses for jewelry

Banana Silver Polish
AltUse suggests blending a banana to make an excellent, environmentally friendly silver polish. Coconut oil or bicarbonate of soda can boost the shine even more.

Toothpaste Silver Polish
Toothpaste, rubbed in with first the fingers and then a clean cloth, also makes a good alternative to silver polish, says AltUse.

Beer Gold Cleaner
Putting gold in a bowl of beer can help clean it up. AltUse suggests leaving for a few minutes and then shining with a polishing cloth.

Chalk Storage
Adding a piece of chalk, wrapped in cheesecloth, can absorb moisture in jewelry cases. Stored with silver, it will slow down tarnishing considerably, says AltUse.

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