Weekly alternative uses - Geneva Inventors' Exhibition

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By thinking hard about what we throw away, its possible to be both creative and fun, according to AltUse, a leading alternative use website.

The International Exhibition of Inventors is well underway this weekend, showcasing creativity from all four corners of the globe in Geneva.

But whilst representatives from Iran, Russia and Korea are filling the halls of the Palexpo convention centre, inventing something of your own is easy with some imagination, says Benjamin Goldfarb of alternative use website AltUse.com.

Inventive Gifts from AltUse

Computer Aquarium
Anyone with an old iMac lying around the house can transform it into several things, says AltUse - one enterprising company has even figured out how to make them into aquariums for fish. If you can't manage it at home, the firm will even do it for you.

Door Desk
Old doors are often turned into new things, but did you know they make surprisingly good desks? Make your own legs or just place the door on top of drawers for a cool, eco-friendly desk, says AltUse.

Yarn Dispenser
If you have cats or kids who love playing with wool or yarn, inventing your own dispenser is a quick way to stop the frustrating mess! And it helps keep the yarn neat as well, suggests AltUse.

Burger Cooker
AltUse says that inventive cooks can use old coffee cans to make hamburger-sized grills. After some quick modifications the can will get hot enough to act as a perfectly sized makeshift burger grill.

Alternative uses provided by AltUse - find out more at http://www.altuse.com/