Weekly Alternative Uses - Geneva Motor Show

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Owning any car, much less the supercars on show at Geneva Motor Show through March 14, can be an expensive business, although some imagination can save drivers cash.

Benjamin Goldfarb, CEO of website AltUse.com which offers "alternative uses for everyday products," suggests the following hints and tips for keeping autos in good working order all year round. All are easy to complete using household items that might otherwise go to waste.

Make-at-home AltUses for automobiles

Anti-corrosion Vaseline
Over a cold and wet winter, a dab of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on battery terminals can prevent corrosion, says AltUse.

Vinegar defrosting
In cold weather, vinegar on the windows can minimize the formation of frost. Simply mix up a solution and apply it to windows the night before.

Snow ccraping
Most people have old cassette or CD cases lying around the house that might otherwise go in the trash. AltUse suggests recycling the cases to make a handy snow or ice scraper.

Fueling the car
In a pinch, need a funnel to add fuel to your automobile? The mouth of a Gatorade bottle will match the threads on most car fuel filler lines, says Goldfarb.

Alternative uses provided by AltUse - find out more at http://www.altuse.com/