Weekly Alternative Uses - Milan Fashion Week

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In an age of shrinking budgets and expanding landfills, looking our best doesn't have to cost the Earth.

Milan fashion week began February 24, with catwalk creations costing thousands of euros on display in the fashion capital of the world. However, Benjamin Goldfarb CEO of AltUse.com, an alternative use website, says that there are plenty of inventive, unique ways to draw attention and save the planet.

"In a pinch before an event where we need to shine, we often have to look around for the first thing that comes to hand - and often its surprisingly helpful," he explains. "These styles may not be ready for Milan but they are creative and fun. Best of all, they're easily done using an alternative use of every day household products."

Make-at-home Milan Fashion Week AltUses

Banner Purse
Sadly, the vinyl used for outdoor signage and billboards cannot be recycled. However, the durability of the material allows it to be easily upcycled to functional, stylish purses. Vinyl wipes clean, is strong, and in black it has a similar look to faux leather!

Fabric Headband
Save fabric from torn sheets or throwaway clothes before braiding it to create a stylish headband from recycled material. They take five minutes to put together and can be dyed to create a professional look.

Coffee Filter Prom Dress
A must for any caffeine addict - high school senior Aimee Kick created a whole prom dress from dyed coffee filters. It took a month to make, but produced a stunning - totally biodegradeable - result.

Jewelry Cleaner
A Polident® Denture cleaning tablet will bring back sparkle and shine to diamond jewelry, says AltUse. Simply allow a table to dissolve in the water, drop in the jewelry and allow to sit for a few minutes before removing and rinsing to see the restored result.

Alternative uses provided by AltUse - find out more at http://www.altuse.com/