Weekly alternative uses - Wine and Gourmet Japan

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Judging from the 30 percent jump in attendees expected at this month's Wine and Gourmet Japan, more and more of us are enjoying a tipple.

Whether you're attending Wine and Gourmet Japan, which begins on April 7 in Tokyo, or VinItaly, which begins a day later in Verona, Italy, some creativity can help a glass go a lot further.

Benjamin Goldfarb, CEO of alternative use website AltUse.com, suggests that drinkers can "extend the use of the wine, the bottle and the experience" by using a bit of imagination.

Make-at-home AltUses for wine

Remove cork pieces when pouring wine
If some of the cork fell into the bottle while uncorking, use an unbleached coffee filter to filter out the cork while pouring into a glass. AltUse says that the technique has "minimal impact to taste."

Make-at-home corkboard
Each time you drink a bottle of wine, save the cork. It may take time to collect enough corks to make a good-sized board but that is part of the fun, says AltUse - collect approximately 100 corks for a 12 inch by 12 inch sized corkboard.

Wine Crate Planters
Wooden wine crates make great planters for small spaces and you can get them cheaply (or for free!) from many bars and restaurants.

Sake Bath
AltUse says that consumers can save a fortune by using Sake - which is often used in high end products anyway - to make their own bath. It's moisturizing and brightening, says the site.

Reusing Bottles
It's easy to make an olive oil or salad dressing Container, says AltUse. Follow the guidelines to remove the smell before refilling.

Alternative uses provided by AltUse - find out more at http://www.altuse.com/