Weekly design agenda: when in Rome...

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It seems like an eternity that the media have been talking about Rome's new center for arts and architecture, the Maxxi, but the museum will only open its doors to the public May 30.

Maxxi museum opening
May 30
Rome, Italy

The Maxxi center for contemporary arts and architecture, completed by London-based Zaha Hadid Architects in November 2009, will finally open to the public.

Australian Design Awards
June 4
Sydney, Australia

Lightweight wine bottles, an easy-to-fold pram, portable ultrasound device, and an underground residential gas system are among the awards' finalists. The prize is Australia's premier design assessment program, recognizing Australian and international design and innovation excellence.

European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century
June 5 - August 29
Atlanta, USA

Held at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, this exhibition redefines modernism and postmodernism, which have both not only shaped European design but have also had a profound impact worldwide. The exhibition includes furniture, glass, ceramics, metalwork and more, created by some of the most influential artists of our time.

DMY International Design Festival
June 9-13
Berlin, Germany

Located in the hangars of former city airport Berlin Tempelhof, the festival will host exhibitions by the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño (Buenos Aires), the Seoul Design Festival, the UK Crafts Council, and the Taiwan Design Center. A big platform for young designers will give you an update on what's next in design, and the Vienna Design Week Embassy will present a new installation by design duo mischer'traxler.

AIA National Convention
June 10-12
Miami, US

On the occasion of the convention, the American Institute of Architects will be honoring Curtis Fentress, with the highest award for public architecture, the Thomas Jefferson Award. He will be the world's first airport architect to receive this prestigious honor.