Weekly top iPhone apps: Personal finance

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Five applications that will help get your personal finances in order while you are on the go.

Mint.com Personal Finance
Mint.com Personal Finance is an iPhone app that works in combination with the online (and free) personal finance program Mint.com. The iPhone application syncs with your online Mint account to keep you up to date with your bank balances, investments, property and loans. It also provides instant information about your monthly income vs. expenses across all your accounts and lets you set and reset your budgets so you can keep on top of how much money you can spend while you are out on the town. The app is protected by a password and if your iPhone is stolen or lost you can remotely deactivate mobile access via Mint.com.
Price: Free

iXpenselt is a feature-rich and easy-to-use money-tracking application for personal finance tracking on the go. Users can add in purchase information, take photos of receipts as they receive them, monitor their monthly/daily spending vs. custom budgets, set up recurring expenses, generate graphical reports, and track their personal finances without the need of a computer-based finance program. iXpenselt comes with password protection and the ability to backup and restore data.
Price: $4.99 (or free for the lite version)

PayPal's iPhone app lets you send money via the internet straight from your phone. Consumers use their existing PayPal account to transfer money to a contact with an email address. The app also provides on-the-go access to your PayPal account balances and a recent history of all your sent and received PayPal transactions.
Price: Free

BillTracker helps you keep on top of your upcoming bills and monthly payments. The app is divided into two views, a calendar view and an upcoming bill list view. Users are given a clear and concise way of seeing the payments they need to make during the next 30 days. There are functions to set up recurring bills, record payment confirmation numbers and keep a note of associated bill information such as account numbers, websites and phone numbers. You can also keep track of the bills that were paid in the past with the BillTracker history.
Price: $0.99

HomeBudget with Sync
HomeBudget is an expense tracker that is great for families that want to enter in their own expenses but keep all their finances together with one single budget. Users can create their own expense categories, set a customizable budget, create recurring expenses, add photos of receipts for specific purchases, split one large expense over long time spans, and view their expense, budget and income as pie graphs, bar graphs or charts. There is an integrated search feature so you can track down old transactions and a bill payment reminder feature. The application is also protected with a password.
Price: $4.99 (a lite version also exists for free)