A man's world: Six swish furnishings fit for a batchelor's pad

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1. Plus storage unit Naughtone, 445

A slick floor-based shelving unit that sits at a 45-degree angle; great for stacking a trendy vinyl collection. Available in eight colours and with one, three or five doors. Tel: 0113 242 7403, www.naughtone.com

2. Large chrome pendant light Contemporary Heaven, 58

Elegant ceiling light that combines a sharp, minimalist look with a great price. Tel: 01462 451 199, www.contemporaryheaven.co.uk

3. The twins Hidden Art, 960

As well as its eye-catching curves and symmetry, this coffee-table is versatile too: the two halves can be separated and used as side-tables. Tel 020 7729 3800, www.hiddenartshop.com

4. Lotus Black Clock Contemporary Heaven, 85

A striking wall clock, by Karlsson, with a bewitching, geometric-patterned design. Details as before

5. Candelabra Habitat, 16

Large steel set of bright red candlesticks, with a thoroughly modern twist. Tel: 0870 411 5501, www.habitat.co.uk

6. Moon System B&B Italia, 5,198

Hotshot architect Zaha Hadid has tried her hand at sofa design, with breathtaking results: a sculpted piece of flowing art you can sit on. Tel: 020 7591 8111, www.bebitalia.it