Clever storage: Tidy up in style

Is your clutter out of control? Kate Watson-Smyth on how to create order from chaos
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We use 20 per cent of our possessions 80 per cent of the time. Which means that our houses could be an awful lot tidier if we could just put that other 80 per cent of stuff away. These days what we're recycling takes up most of the space in the kitchen, the children's artwork consumes a whole lot more – and that's before we've tackled the cleaning gear and those clothes, most of which we don't even wear regularly.

So here are some ideas for clever storage that might encourage everyone to tidy up a little and make it easier to find the things you do need.

Ovetoo recycling bin: This is beautifully designed with separate compartments that divide up your recycling. Each box has air holes to prevent smells accumulating and it stores up to 17 litres of rubbish. Has form and function. £139.99 (0845 120 4649; )

Art folder: Once the children start school, there is an endless influx of paintings, pictures and junk modelling. No matter how talented your little darlingis, there just isn't room for it all. What you can't bear to recycle, try making into calendars for Christmas presents. A washing line along a wall makes an instant gallery and when you're done displaying them, store in folders flat enough to live under the bed. £13 (0844 848 6000; )

Slide-out store: Kitchen cupboards are the worst clutter traps. Piles of tins and half-opened boxes mount up waiting to tumble down when you reach in. Lakeland has a huge range of cupboard inserts that allow you to pile things on shelves within shelves so you can see it all, as well as slide-out drawers. £19.99 (015394 88100; )

Harry organiser: Rather than chucking stuff on to the nearest surface, use this ingenious collection of flexible wires. Mould into any shape so it cradles mobile phones, letters, keys and even hand cream. Fix on the wall, door or tiles: bingo, no more cluttered surfaces. £25 (020-8953 8333; )

Drawer organiser: This seven piece organiser sits in the drawer so you can divide your junk into a meaningful systematic pattern. £12 (0870 224 2660; )