Design: Tangled cables be damned


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Ikea's foray into the world of home entertainment is not just an attempt to change the market, but it could also spell an end for that most modern of problems – dastardly cable tangle.

With its Uppleva system – which was announced in April but is out in parts of Europe this month – the master of flat pack is turning its attention to the flat screen, and all that goes with it. Ikea aims to provide all the features of a home entertainment system, but without the fuss – and endless wires – they often require.

A covered passage for the cables comes as a selling point for the new range, which sees the TV and the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player built into the furniture. Ikea also promises that it can all be controlled with just one remote. And, as anyone who has battled with the three required for many systems will know, this can only be a good thing.