Designer marriage: Robin and Lucienne Day

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A celebration of the power couple of modern interior design husband and wife Robin and Lucienne Day opens in London this week.

He was a furniture designer and she was a textile designer. They worked independently sharing only a design studio, but were together an indefatigable force who shaped much of British household design in the post-war era.

Robin used the latest wood and metal-working techniques to produce functional chairs and tables and became famous for his economical style which he adopted in the immediate aftermath of World War Two when materials were scarce, but which later became his signature.

Lucienne was influenced by modern artists such as Joan Miró and Paul Klee and produced more than 70 textile designs for Heal Fabrics.

They both died in 2010 having reached their Nineties, but have left behind a remarkable legacy which includes Robin’s polypropylene stacking chair, which sold in its millions, and Lucienne’s enduringly popular Calyx print.

An exhibition of the fabrics, wallpapers, ceramics and carpets created by Lucienne alongside the chic and utilitarian furniture designs of Robin’s will open its doors at PM Gallery & House on Friday.

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