My Living Space: Gallerist Gül Coskun

Gallerist Gül Coskun is relentless in her pursuit of minimalist perfection
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I always know exactly what I want and I don't do half measures. When I have something in mind I won't just go to a few shops, I'll go to 50, 100, 200 – whatever it takes to get the right thing.

When I bought this house there were only two streets in the whole of London I wanted to live in and this was one of them. At the viewing, I had five minutes before my next meeting so I went in, ran upstairs to have a quick look and shouted "I'll take it!" down to the agent. She couldn't believe I didn't want to see the garden.

This is everybody's dream house – the chocolate-box Knightsbridge townhouse. I have always loved museums, I feel at home in them, so I modelled this house on one of my favourites: the Musée Picasso in Paris. It's just about clean, white walls and wooden flooring. I wanted to have chandeliers too but then I noticed that my local curry house had the ones I liked. So instead I had all the fittings made for me based on Giacometti designs.

I worked for Nicky Haslam for a while as an interior designer but pictures are my passion. I love the scale of this one of the Chrysler Building by Sugimoto. Within minutes of buying it someone offered to buy it from me, but I can't sell it. It represents everything I love – architecture, beauty and simplicity. I have 10 Jeff Koons puppy vases lined up in my new gallery in Verbier.

There are three basic things that are essential for a good home: temperature, scent and music. Everything else can be added around that. I'm also really into wiring and technology, which surprises people, I think. I had the whole house wired up so that I can control everything.

Coskun Fine Art, 91-93 Walton Street, London SW3, 0207 581 9056,