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Play the lace card: Add some Victoriana drama with a frilling touch


1. Lace ball pendant shade

£36.98, B&Q. A cut-out lampshade diffuses the light and casts lacy shadows. 0845 609 6688, diy.com

2. Isabel cafetiere

£31.95, La Cafetiere. Get the look of lace without all the frills. 01428 608 050, scandiliving.com

3. 'I can't forget' screen print

£294, Rob Ryan. Ryan's amazingly detailed paper cut-outs are totally covetable. misterrob.co.uk

4. Brookwood chair

£814, Parker Knoll. A crochet-inspired armchair ticks the shabby chic trend. 01773 604 121 , parkerknoll.co.uk

5. Lace Cushion

£39, Christy. This petrol-blue silk cushion with a lace overlay plays with texture. 0845 758 5252 , christy-home.com

6. Birdcage cup and saucer

£9.99, Disaster Designs. High tea tastes better sipped out of doily-edged china. 01305 236 323, mollieandfred.co.uk