Red hot and blue: Personal crisis and a love of dramatic colour have shaped make-up artist Ruby Hammer's boudoir

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My bedroom isn't huge but it's a good space and the light in here is lovely. Moving to this flat in Maida Vale, west London, six years ago was very liberating. I was 23 when I got married and had lived with my mum until then. I had never lived alone or had a flatshare before, and what everyone else learns in their youth, I came to in my late 30s when I was getting divorced. I had carte blanche to do what I liked for the first time in my life.

I redid everything in the flat over a year. It was quite daunting at the time because it was a moment of crisis. I didn't feel confident about any decisions in my life and didn't trust myself; the decorative changes I made at first were very neutral. Gradually I got a lot more confident, and now there are bursts of colour throughout and lots of red, which subconsciously must be connected to my name.

The American walnut floors go throughout, too. I had a very clear idea about that - it looks clean and light. The wardrobes are all bespoke and made of rosewood by a lovely lady called Lee Tyler. The red inlay is just the right shade.

I am a bit of a shoe whore. I love Louboutin and Manolos. Some of them I haven't even worn. I bought a Chloe pair about six years ago but they're too high. They are very this season though, so I'll probably wear them soon.

The chair is an old Philippe Starck which has ended up becoming a dumping ground for my clothes. I get a lot of my furniture from Gotham in Westbourne Park.

My mum gave me the picture for my 40th. It's a wooden print block from China. Each symbol has a meaning and they are all about wishing you well spiritually.

My family are from Bangladesh, although I was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK when I was 12. I really like living in Maida Vale but it would be nice to find somewhere a little bigger.

Ruby is working with Dulux to explore the links between paint colours and make-up