The 10 best coffee tables

Want somewhere to to place your drinks, your feet and your magazines? Look no further than our selection...

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1. Paulownia

It might have a hand-carved floral design, but with its bulky, boxy aesthetic the lacquered-wood, Chinese-inspired Paulownia manages not to fall into the trap of being fussy. One word of warning – it isn't the tallest of tables on offer.


2. Orient Forsythia

It's all about vivid, summery colours here. The bright and breezy steel table features a delicate cut-out design in the shape of a forsythia plant and a tough coated-steel finish, which should stand up to just about anything you throw at – or on – it.


3. Muji Ash

If you are looking for low-key elegance and pared-down aesthetic, you might want to get down to your local Muji store and check out this ash table. It's solid wood, rather than MDF with veneer, and has a pleasing curved design. Doubles as a low table, too, if you fancy a Japanese feast.


4. Strind

With its dark glass and bold design, the Strind has more than a little of the 1980s about it. The frame is made of a sturdy nickel-plated steel and topped with a dark, tempered-glass top. Handily, it also has an under shelf, which would do just nicely for all your old NMEs or Vogues.


5. Block

It's all about rustic good looks with this chunky table. The legs are made from solid pine and topped with an etched metal top, which, although a design feature, is also pretty useful when it comes to standing up to hot tea and coffee cups.


6. Quattro Round Swivel

The super-cool Quattro seems to be channelling 1970s' favourite the Lazy Susan here. Its four matt-white layers all rotate 360 degrees, making it easier to get the remote or hide that copy of Nuts than ever before.


7. Kartell Panier Transparent Coffee Table

Whether it is lamps, chairs, or in this case, coffee tables, Kartell is known for its innovative and eye-catching use of plastic. The Panier takes the form of a plastic basket-style table and comes in a range of different colours.


8. Debenhams Oak

This table more than makes up for what it lacks in in-your-face design and whizzbang features with good, old-fashioned solidness. It's sturdily constructed from easy-to-clean lacquered oak and comes with a handy storage shelf at its base.


9. Ice Cube

Looking for a table that's a little bit special? Something that grabs you as you walk into a room? Then check out this cube table, which eschews wood, steel or glass and is instead constructed entirely from mirrored glass. The reflective finish gives a pleasing low-key glow to a room.


10. Wireless Angular

Get the 1960s' look with this swish two-tone number from Alexander and Pearl. As well as a built-in magazine loop to keep your periodicals in place, there is a dinky drawer for all your bits and bobs. The perfect addition to a vintage-style living room.