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The 10 Best kettles

It's no longer enough to just boil water... The latest kitchen appliances look smart, think smart and even save you money

1. Dualit Architect

Has both striking good looks (including interchangeable panels in case you want to change your kettle's colour), and it's also quiet and energy efficient. On the downside, it's quite slow and heavy.

£70, johnlewis.com

2. Breville Rio

This traditional style kettle has been brought into the 21st century with its contemporary colour options, which include the teal model shown here. It's quick to boil (although it makes a loud hissing sound whilst doing so) and unlike many kettles, you only need to boil enough water for a small cup.

£23, johnlewis.com

3. Aga Cookshop Hard Anodised Kettle

There's something very satisfying about good old-fashioned stove-top kettles, particularly if you have a country kitchen. This British-made one has a thick solid flat base to ensure maximum hotplate performance and it comes with a 10 year guarantee, although it will probably last you a lifetime.

£72, amazon

4. Lakeland Stainless Steel

Desperate for a cuppa? This brushed stainless steel jug kettle does its job swiftly, taking only a minute-and-a-half to boil half a litre of water and just under two-and-a-half minutes for a litre. It's easy to fill and pour, and has an effective limescale filter, but it is loud.

£30, lakeland.co.uk

5. Cuisinart CTK17U

The only drawbacks are that the brushed stainless steel body gets extremely hot and the limescale filter could be better. Great for boiling small amounts of water and large water windows make it easy to see how much water is inside.

£45, johnlewis.com

6. Magimix Thermosystem

Fed up with not being able to have a conversation when the kettle is boiling? Because this is approved by Quiet Mark, it's guaranteed to be quieter than conventional kettles, making for a far more peaceful kitchen. Available in a variety of colours, this well-built kettle is also quick to boil water, although it is heavy.

£72, amazon

7. Bibo

Predicted by many to become the kettles of the future, water filtration systems dispense instant boiling and chilled water. This high-end version sits discreetly on the work surface (or not so discreetly if you go for one of the brighter colours) and is a dream-come-true for the truly impatient.

£383, bibowater.co.uk

8. Kenwood KMix

Gets top marks for energy efficiency, largely thanks to the auto switch-off which works within seconds to prevent too much electricity being wasted. It's also one of the easiest to fill, is quick to boil, comfy to hold and easy to clean.

£50, johnlewis.com

9. Panasonic Cordless

Electronics giant Panasonic launched its first range of kitchen appliances last year, including this contemporary kettle that comes in several colours. It's weighty and a little tricky to fill, but it boils water rapidly, is quiet and has an impressive limescale filter.

£140, amazon

10. Philips HD4644

This is Philips' eco-friendly kettle, which means it allows you to boil enough water for just one cup at a time, thereby saving up to 50 per cent of energy. Also in its favour is its double action filter, which helps ensure clear water and a cleaner kettle, and it's reasonably priced.

£25, amazon