The 10 Best lawnmowers

The sun is finally out, so there’s no excuse not to tidy up that lawn. Here’s our pick of the finest grass trimmers in town

1. Flymo Pac A Mow

Flymo excels at budget rotary mowers that give an impressive cut on smaller lawns and can cope with the odd patch of damp or rough grass. This one is easy to store and has three cutting heights, as well as a 29-litre collection box. 

£70, amazon

2. Bosch Rotak Ergoflex 40

This electric rotary mower is a great all-rounder for small- to medium-sized lawns. It has comfortable handles, it’s easy to push and it cuts all types of grass well. It effectively collects the clippings to leave your lawn tidy and the roller leaves it neatly striped.

£192, amazon

3. Mac Allister MLM1300

You’ll be sure to get your money’s worth from this impressive new corded rotary mower that cuts neatly, deals with long and damp grass easily and is simple to use. It feels a lot more powerful than it is and it does a great job at collecting all the grass cuttings, too.

£80, b&q

4. Makita PLM5121

Don’t bother with this huge mulching mower unless you have a very large lawn. But if you do have a lot of ground to cover, snap up one of these new machines. It’s powerful yet lightweight and cuts quickly and cleanly, literally gliding over bumps and stubborn areas.

£480, amazon

5. John Deere Tango E5

Robotic mowers mean you never have to mow your lawn again. This one costs a bomb, but it’s compact, can cut up to two large tennis courts of grass on a single charge and no amount of lumps and bumps, or moss and weeds, seem to pose a problem.


6. Honda HRG465

If you’re looking for a mower that’s a joy to use, yet can deal with just about every- thing a lawn can throw at it, this solid, self-propelled, petrol-fuelled machine is a wise investment. The controls are easy to use and it’s a breeze to manoeuvre, even on damp, long and rough grass.


7. Mountfield S461R HP

If you want a quintessential British lawn (that is, striped) this petrol mower does the job magnificently on any kind of grass and it’s easy to adjust the cutting height, too. There are lots of useful features including a hose attachment for washing underneath the mower.


8. Brill Razorcut Premium 33

This light cylinder mower is great for small family lawns that need cutting regularly. It couldn’t be easier to start  or move around and the roller will  give you a striped look, albeit a faint  one. It’s easy to store, too, although be warned, the grass catcher doesn’t  come with it.

£112, amazon

9. AL-KO 473VS Highline

This new machine has been  cleverly designed to increase airflow  in the cutter deck, which makes it  ideal for cutting and collecting  without blocking in typically  British conditions. It also boasts a  new control panel with  ergonomic controls, soft handgrip and height-adjustable handles.


10. Viking 339

This cordless mower is quiet and lightweight and the battery lasts long enough to get through a big family lawn. It’s easy to change cutting heights and the grass-box level indicator is useful, too. It doesn’t mind what state the grass is in and the finish is immaculate.