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The 10 Best pillows


1. John Lewis Winter Snow Goose Down

£150, johnlewis.com

A supremely comfortable pillow using down from geese native to Russia's glacial mountains.

2. John Lewis V-Shaped Quilted

£20, johnlewis.com

A polyester-filled companion pillow that's useful when you want to sit up in bed to read, say.


3. Gosa Kärna

£10.99, ikea.com

A contoured pillow from Ikea's memory foam range that suits side-sleepers. It goes inside the Gosa Vida outer pillow – at £20.99.


4. Dunlopillo Serenity

£55, johnlewis.com

A shallow, springily supportive pillow for those who sleep on their front or back. This also has a latex core designed to circulate air.


5. Devon Duvets Folding

From £59, devonduvets.com

Wool-filled to resist dust mites, this has a unique folding design. Fold once, twice or three times to give a different feel from soft to firm.


6. Tempur Deluxe

£124.99, uk.tempur.com

With memory foam that adjusts to your shape, this big pillow has one matte side and a curious satin side. Looks weird, feels comfy.


7. Dunlopillo Opulence

£62.99, simplypillows.co.uk

The non-allergy latex filling maintains shape for ever, while the Tempsmart cover adjusts to your temperature fluctuations.


8. John Lewis Memory Foam

£50, johnlewis.com

At last, a memory foam pillow that doesn't look strange. This is good value, reliable, and promises superior support and comfort.


9. Gingerlily 100 per cent silk-filled

£99, gingerlily.co.uk

Because silk is breathable it stays just the right temperature all year round – ideal for allergy sufferers.


10. Tempur Sonata

£129.99, uk.tempur.com

It looks like a cat's bed, handy if you have a cat. The memory foam makes it good for multiple sleeping positions, adjusting with you.