The 10 Best steam cleaners

Trade in your mop and bucket and get to work on that stubborn grease and grime

1. Shark Steam Pocket Portable, £400, amazon

Shark Steam Pocket Portable.jpg

This portable version of Shark’s floor cleaner is able to shift stains as stubborn as dried-on pasta sauce and sticky jam on just about every kind of surface. It even has a garment-steaming attachment for curtains and clothes.

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2. Efbe-Schott Delta Head, £36, amazon

Efbe-Schott Delta Head.jpg

This is the bestselling steam mop in the UK, not least because it’s so quick. It’s not great for hard-water areas because it lacks a lime-scale filter, but it’s quiet, easy to use and will  remove everything from muddy footprints to sticky stains.

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3. Hoover SteamJet Steam and Sweep, £69, amazon

Hoover SteamJet Steam and Sweep.jpg

If you need some serious convincing to trade in your mop and bucket, this machine will almost certainly persuade you. It’s powerful, lightweight and incredibly easy to twist and steer. It also has two different-sized cleaning heads and a removable handle.

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4. Bissell Steam Mop, £35, amazon

Bissell Steam Mop.jpg

Even tiles with serious dirt and stains prove no problem for this steam cleaner, making it a great buy for your kitchen or bathroom. The controls are nice and simple and it’s ready to go in just 30 seconds.

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5. Karcher SC5.800 C, £400, John Lewis

Karcher SC5.800 C.jpg

This environmentally friendly machine doesn’t come cheap, but it revolutionises home cleaning, tackling stains with genuinely professional results, thanks to a number of unique features such as the vapo-hydro function that enables the hot water to be mixed with the steam for deep, stubborn dirt and stains.

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6. Home-Tek Light ’n’ Easy, £20, amazon

Home-Tek Light ’n’ Easy.jpg

Home-Tek has an excellent reputation in the world of steam cleaners and their latest model removes dirt and grease in minutes. It works on tiles, vinyl and wood laminate floors, while the carpet glider sanitises carpets and rugs.

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7. Oreck Steam Glide, £95, John Lewis

Oreck Steam Glide.jpg

This super-light machine has a three-point head that’s designed to fit into the tightest corners of your home. Fill it up with tap water, switch it on to generate steam within 30 seconds and then get busy cleaning your floors with 15 minutes of continuous steam time.

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8. Thane Housewares H20 Mop X5, £80, amazon

Thane Housewares H20 Mop X5.jpg

Standout features of this all- purpose steam mop include the ability to remove pet odours and creases from upholstery. It also converts into a hand-held steamer that can blast ovens and surfaces clean.

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9. Vax S7 Duet 2-in-1, £40, amazon

Vax S7 Duet 2-in-1.jpg

This lightweight floor steam cleaner can be used on carpet and hard floors, as well as transforming into a detachable hand-held unit to steam everything from furniture to upholstery.

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10. Polti Vaporetto Evolution, £230, John Lewis

Polti Vaporetto Evolution.jpg

This cylinder steam cleaner comes equipped to tackle floors, wall tiles, glass and ovens. It also has an iron and heat mat, which means it’s more versatile than most. It has a decent amount of continuous steaming and is good at getting wall surfaces sparkling.

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