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The 10 Best vases


1. Retro Yellow

£23, jasmineway.co.uk

There isn't anything subtle about this retro vase from Jasmineway but if you are looking for a statement vase, this is the one for you.


2. Bark Bongo

£23, puji.com

This humdinger from homeware specialists Puji is bark-clad and sits nearly half a metre tall and has a quirky, curved body.


3. Purple Mosaic

£22, matalan.co.uk

Forget about those chunky glass or pottery vases, plump for this small and delicate number, made up of a mini mosaic in bright colours.


4. Botanic Garden Etched Crystal

£20, portmeirion.co.uk

This vase showcases Portmeirion's talent, with its multi-depth etched glass and sturdy crystal design.


5. Japanese

£62, sujiivana.co.uk

This is handmade in the UK by Austrian potter, Katharina Klug, in a biscuit coloured pottery and features a charming stickman design.


6. Geometric

£67.50, gong.co.uk

Is it a rock? Is it a sculpture? No, it's a funky vase from London's the Gong shop. A chic little number in a matt-finish ceramic.


7. Glass Lillia Turquoise

£28.50, berryred.co.uk

The shiny glass has a pleasingly iridescent look,which makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom window.


8. Betty Jackson Black

£44, debenhams.co.uk

This glass vase may look expensive but is actually reasonably priced. Exceptionally fine when used for displaying white roses and lilies.


9. Factory Vase

£105, rume.co.uk

Never has a large-scale industrial plant looked so attractive. This porcelain vase, by Maxim Velcovsky, is definitely the coolest vase around.


10. LSA Buba

£26, lsainternational.com

Specialist glass-makers LSA hand-make and mouth-blow all their glass. This fine, curvy number also comes in green and purple.