The 10 Best wall clocks

Keep time in style with our selection of top clocks, from the plain and simple to the weird and woolly

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1. Gisela Graham Blue Ship


A playful bit of kitsch with a distinct nautical feel – witness the ships and seagulls. Has easy-to-read red numbers, so ideal for kids.

2. Flap Analogue


The pleasing flip and modish face make this a well-known design classic beloved of banks and building societies the world over.

3. Diamantini & Domeniconi Tablita


The face is a chalkboard on which you can write sweet nothings (or else reminders to walk the pooch).

4. John Lewis Silver Bird


A dainty little bird sits on the side of this open-faced black bar clock, as if it is has paused for a momentary sing-song.

5. Newgate Bullit


Rocket-age shape and the stark black Arabic numerals redolent of the Sixties. It's relatively hardy, too, in durable acrylic.

6. Riccio


This has a pleasing down-home quality to it, the result, presumably, of the granny-like knitting which encases the face.

7. Lexon Side


Created to stick out proud from the wall or down from the ceiling. But you can mount it the old fashioned flat way, too.

8. John Lewis Silver Spike


John Lewis describes this as looking like an exploded clock face, but we think it looks more like a snow flake.

9. Karlsson White Falling Numbers

£38.99, goclock. com

Seemingly all the numbers have slid down the face. Cool, but perhaps not the easiest to read.

10. Next Time Projection


Not, in the strictest sense, a wall clock, but it does project the time, date and year onto your wall.