The final flourish

There's no point buying the perfect gift if you don't wrap it properly. Trish Lorenz has all you need to roll out the cheer this Christmas

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If you're the organised type and have your Christmas shopping sorted, this weekend is the perfect time to wrap gifts over a leisurely glass of sherry, a mince pie and some cheesy festive tunes. And this year, Christmas wrapping is all about the personal touch. Budgets are tight and we're seeing a return to spending less on paper and ribbons and instead taking the time to craft something individual.

"It's more important to show the recipient of the gift that you've put some thought into the way that you've wrapped it, than it is to make the wrapping look expensive," says designer Emily Burningham ( "Everyone loves to poke and prod a parcel and try to guess what's inside and you can't do that if you have an unyielding perfectly wrapped square box."

Papers are plainer this year – think simple red and white Scandinavian style designs. But that's not to say that wrapping should look dull or austere. "Use a simple brown paper and embellish it with ribbons and small Christmas decorations," says Sarah Lock, founder of Cocoa Bean ( "Save on wrapping paper and splurge on ribbons – like fashion, more expensive accessories will always lift an outfit and a gift." And remember to hold off on the sticky tape, says Burningham. A blob of glue can eliminate the need for it and make the present look much prettier.