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Is it wrong to admit an obsession with storage that borders on fetish? Probably. Oh well. Still, there must be a lot of us out there – that exciting downstairs bit of Ikea with all the nice boxes is vast. But beyond tantalising cardboard magazine racks, how can you get your fix?

Closed doors

Why keep wardrobes in the bedroom? Spruce up a junk-shop find with a splash of Farrow & Ball colour, then keep the hanging rail and hide coats in it in large halls, or fit MDF shelves inside and bundle in toys, bed linens or even crockery or food in the kitchen.

Tread the boards

Many Victorian houses have a void between the floorboards and the ground, says Hugo Tugman of He installed a rowing machine beneath the pull-up flaps in his home – but you could stash all sorts down there.

Best foot forward

Too many shoes? Display them on your stairs.

Sit on it

Bench seating makes great secret storage – but it can be hard to get at. Consider hinged flaps on the front rather than the top for easier access, and design it to fit crates on casters so everything inside is contained.

Wheelie clever

Cycles can be hideously cluttering; ceiling hoists are around £10 on Amazon, while Cycloc's wall-mounted gizmos (£59.95 plus delivery) look swish.

Shelve it

Lakeland's under-shelf baskets for kitchen cupboards and under-sink shelves are genius.

Hole in the wall

No space for sticky-out shelving? Ask a builder to insert niches for nick-nacks into suitable walls.

Storage porn

For further ideas, is a sexy source of inspiration for tidy nerds.

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