The Insider: How to turn your home into a film location


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It's not just World of Interiors-worthy palaces that make it on screen as film or television locations – and the money is pretty good. I asked Sarah Eastel, of, which has around 2,500 properties on its books, for the lowdown on how you can make your home screen-worthy...

Show homes

Eastel's properties are used for "feature films, TV shows, photoshoots, music videos, corporate films and, increasingly, web ads and viral films", she explains. Sometimes homes are also hired for PR launches, corporate events and weddings.

All to action

Property types on Eastel's books vary greatly: "Within the M25, where most production companies are based, we cover the whole range: from deluxe apartments and mansion houses to normal family homes, run-down flats and even derelict properties."

Super models

And beyond the M25? "Those homes need a 'wow' factor – whether that be original features, loads of light, eccentric styling, or even a derelict barn full of antiquated farm equipment."

Location, location

Living near a beauty spot or a main media city – Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow – also wins points.

Takeover bid

Companies such as Eastel's can evaluate your home from just a few emailed snaps and some details about the property. But be warned: downsides can include short-notice shoots; a big crew using your bedroom as a changing-room/editing suite; trucks lining your street; and even new décor.

Time is money

Is it worth it? You can earn £500-£3,000 per filming day, plus 50 per cent of that rate per day for preparation and time spent restoring your home to its normal state.

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