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My usually organised friend Abi emailed, cross with the unsightly clump of jewellery stuffed in her drawer. "I need organised storage," she wrote. "And as many pieces are like mini works of art it seems silly not to display them: but how?" Here's what I suggested...

Revert to type

A wall-mounted old typesetter's drawer, fitted with little cup hooks and eyes at the top of each aperture, is brilliant for bangles and earrings. Historical Archaeological sells them on eBay for £25.

Get a head

A vintage shop dummy head to hang things on? Slightly creepy – which I love. Try Or make your own non-creepy version at (search the site for "jewelry-bust").

Pantry tricks

For a contemporary look, Ikea's kitchen-storage department is excellent. Grundtal stainless steel/ glass containers can be magnetically wall-mounted. And its rails and s-hooks are made for dangling sparklers.

It's a cinch

Try pinning brooches to a belt hung from a hook in a wall.

Get a handle

For necklaces, use attractive cupboard doorknobs (try Wall-fix them using Rawlplugs. Alternatively, fix them to perforated hardboard, as it already has holes in it (which s-hooks also fit). Find it at Paint it a good colour and lean against a wall or hang it.

String theory

Revive a nice-looking, backless, old picture frame. Attach sturdy string or thin rope in horizontal rows where the picture once was. Fix the ends to the back of the frame with strong duct tape or tiny metal eyes. Turn it over – et voilà, instant hangers. Kate Burt

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