The Ten Best Desks

A good desk can change the way you work. Charlotte Philby chooses the best on the market
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Mock Croc Desk - £525

Animal print doesn’t have to be confined to Cruella De Ville’s boudoir. GrahamandGreen’s desk addsHollywood glamour to your workspace.; 0845 130 6622

Eames Home Desk - £770

Charles andRay Eames designed this desk back in 1949 and it still looks fresh and modern. Their furniture doesn’t come cheap, but at least you’ll have somewhere fabulous to store your bills.; 0870 242 4128

Scriba - £1,831.48

Handles? How 2007. This modern masterpiece designed by Claudio Bellini relies on applied pressure to open its draws. Made of aluminium and plexi – a sleek delight.; 020-7043 0835

ALIVE - £189

With IKEA, there is always the worry your furniture will be the same as your friends, but this rustic piece is a classic – and inexpensive. Add just the right amount of clutter to make it your own.; 0845 358 3364

Writing Desk - £3,507

Created by Michael Young for British design house Established & Sons, this glorious A-frame construction contains a down-light, and is made from sustainably-sourced wood.; 020-7381 0031

Kadloo - £799

With plenty of storage space, and ample room to work, this solid oak desk by Bethan Gray, is a sturdy investment. It successfully combines form and function.; 0844 499 1111

Pristina Glass desk - £79

Slim-line, modern and slick, this metal and glass computer desk features a pull-out keyboard worktop and shelf, perfect for wasting time social “not-working”.; 0845 600 4411

Mini Malibu - £150

At first glance this might look like more like an oven than a desk but, on closer inspection, this budget-friendly number is in fact rather cool; in a David Bowie meets Aga kind of way.; 0845 604 9049

Indocine Desk - £1,395

If this charming rosewood pull-down desk can’t persuade you to keep your paperwork in order, no system ever will. It’s the perfect place to keep a grip on your in-tray.; 020-7723 2223

Tropic Desk with Trestles - £389.99

This chic offering from Amode doubles as a table. There isn’t much storage space, but then a design this clean is meant for those who keep all their documents in a slim-line laptop.