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Loving... Garden Bird feeders

Spare a thought for the feathered inhabitants of your garden this summer and buy them a feeder. If you're not a nature enthusiast don't despair as there are plenty of alternatives to the naff, plastic variety that will make a beautiful garden ornament. John Lewis have this wonderful minimalist table (£122) made from aluminium and finished with antique copper, which is more reminiscent of a modern sculpture than a bird table. A cheaper yet equally appealing cast iron feeder is available from Burford Garden Company for £9.95.

Hating... Sleepless summer nights

The Met Office predicts a long, hot summer. Should they be right we will invariably face several months of humid, sleepless nights. Silentnight's new mattress, the Memory Breathe, could, however, change all this. It differs from standard memory foam – a polyurethane material which reacts to the heat of the body and moulds to your shape. It's drilled with holes so air can pass through it. Prices for a double bed start from £579, visit them online at www.silentnight.co.uk for more details.

Buying... The Gas Energy Saver

It may not look like much but this simple device can reduce your energy consumption by up to 12 per cent. It's a catalytic alloy disc, which when placed on your hob, ensures all the gas burns – most hobs allow some to escape – and focuses the heat towards the centre of the pan raising the temperature from the usual 600C to more than 1,000C which will reduce cooking times. It can be purchased for £7.95 from www.ethicalsuperstore.com