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Compiled by Ben Naylor
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We’re loving...rug trade

Taking a leaf from the Government’s bookthe upmarket department store Liberty will now part-exchange any old rug whenyou purchase one of theirs. Customers who buy one of Liberty’s carpets or rugs, which include fine examples from Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, China and Nepal, will receive a discount £100 off any rug costing more than £500. There are between four and five thousand rugs to choose from, and they cost from £75 to more than £150,000. See www.liberty.co.uk for details.

We’re hating...sticky heat

If last weekend’s stunning weather is anything to go by the Met Office’s prediction of a heatwave this summer is, thankfully, spot on. Sadly though with glorious sunshine comes uncomfortable sticky heat. However if you can’t bear the thought of a sweltering summer, a cost-effective and efficient option is an air cooler.This model from Amcor combines a purifier, a humidifier and a cooler for £59.97 from www.buyitdirect.co.uk. Its only moving part is its fan so it won’t keep you awake at night.

We’re buying...Wrappz

Wrappz are nifty adhesively-backed digital prints made from vinyl, which come in a range of film scenes, iconic images and custom designed bespoke pieces. They will brighten up any room or object, can be attached to most surfaces and won’t leave any lingering residue.Wrappz are currently working in conjunction with fridge manufacturer SMEG, who are offering the chance towin a retro fridge by submitting a Wrappz design. Just visit www.smegretro.co.uk to enter. But if you aren’tone of the lucky winners, bespoke fridge-sized Wrappz are available from www.wrappz.com for £80.