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We're Loving... Reee charis

The back and seat of this stylish chair are made entirely from recycled computer games consoles. Designed and manufactured in Britain, every chair saves 2.4kg of plastic that would otherwise be heading for landfill. What better use for your old Xbox? Available from www.plidesign.co.uk for £110.

We're hating... outdoor heaters

Outdoor gas heaters drive the eco-concious mad this time of year – they release more carbon monoxide in one day than an average car can in a year. Chimeneas are a great wood-burning outdoor stoves, made in clay and steel. And this model from Homebase, only costs £68.

We're buying... the power predictor

This device, which measures solar and wind energy potential, is an essential tool for anyone considering changing to renewable energy at home. It calculates the time it takes to recover the costs of installing renewable-energy equipment. It's available from www.powerpredictor.com for £99.95.