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We're loving... Milagros baskets

These bright baskets from Mexico are just the thing to reduce your clutter and keep your home colourful at the same time. They take their name from a religious folk charm and are available in various sizes from www.milagros.co.uk, from £18.

We're hating... messy piles of shoes

There's nothing worse than tripping over your housemates shoes in the hallway. This nifty little wheel (£64.95) from Rakku Design though will consign front-door stumbles to history. Available from www.tszuji.co.uk.

We're buying... Flake white

Developed with Kevin McCloud using carefully selected pigments and minerals, Fired Earth Flake White is ideally suited to older homes. And 50p per will be donated to the National Trust. From www.firedearth.com, for £24.95.