We’re loving... We’re hating... We’re buying...

Compiled by Ben Naylor
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Loving... Ecoglaze

An affordable alternative to double glazing is EcoGlaze – a secondary, acrylic pane that can be easily fixed to the inside of your windows with magnetic tape. Though not as energy-efficient as double glazing it will significantly reduce heat loss at a fraction of the price – EcoGlaze costs around £20 per square metre. Available from www.365plastics.com

Hating... Bengals

These exotic pets might look like pussy cats but they can be pretty beastly, says pet behaviour expert Debbie Connolly, founder of www.safepets.co.uk . “I’ve nicknamed the breed the Asbo cat because of the amount of times I have had to deal with their anti-social behaviour.” Frequently aggressive towards other cats, Bengals are fighters, not lovers.

Buying... plates

Fancy something to add some colour to grey February days? These pretty plates are both bold and eco-friendly thanks to the fact they’re made from 100 per cent recycled glass. Buy them from www.biomelifestyle.com for £10 each and if you’re feeling flush, splash out on a matching vase from the same range to fill with flowers too.