Window shopping: On the hunt for a range of designer stag's heads


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Gone are the days when only the upper classes hung their hunting trophies on the walls. These days we all want a stag's head adorning our flats, houses and hallways. You can buy plastic ones, aluminium ones, cardboard ones and even inflatable and blackboard sticker ones.

So it was only a matter of time before the celebrities turned their hands to designing them.

These stags' heads, made of resin (about the only material not yet mentioned), have been customised by 16 artists and designers, including royal favourite Issa designer Daniella Helayel, Ronnie Wood, Barbara Hulanicki, Manolo Blahnik, Rob Ryan and Lulu Guinness.

The stags' heads are to be auctioned online with all the proceeds going to the young persons' homelessness charity Centrepoint.

The heads were provided by Graham & Green, the stylish lifestyle retailer for which the stags' heads have become one of its best-selling products.

Elizabeth Kelly, of Graham & Green, who came up with the idea, said: "Working with beautiful interiors every day it becomes hard to imagine life without the simple luxuries and makes the plight of the homeless even more important to me. I have been a big supporter of Centrepoint for some time and I thought this would help raise awareness.

"We sent the stags to 16 artists and designers and the results that came back were an amazing mix of print, texture, colour and even Swarovski crystals."

Jewellery designer, Stephen Webster pictured, said: "Living and working in the West End of London, it would be an unusual day to go more than 100 metres without encountering some sign of homelessness and that's why I wanted to be involved."

You can bid for the stags at from 16 Nov for five days. Graham & Green will also be selling plain stags with 15 per cent going to the charity.