More than 60% of househunters are put off by overpriced properties

Sellers urged to carefully consider their pricing strategy

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Around 62 per cent of home-hunters say they will not even view a property they consider to be overpriced, even if it appears to be ideal for them, according to Rightmove.

Of these 62 per cent, 20 per cent claimed that they would make an enquiry to the estate agent to find out if the vendor would accept offers under the asking price.

“It can be tempting for sellers to price high on the assumption that they are giving themselves room for negotiation," said Rightmove director Miles Shipside. "However, our findings indicate that this can be a risky business. Price is obviously a critical issue for both buyers and sellers in the current market, but it’s much harder for a potential buyer to fall in love with a property if the asking price deters them from even setting foot through the front door."