Not enough properties for sale in the South East, oversupply in the North West, says report

South West becomes the fourth region where prices now higher than pre-recession peak

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An analysis of housing supply by online estate agent suggests huge discrepancies between 50 of the UK's major towns and cities.

Its figures indicate that Dundee only has 165 homes available on the market, or 0.11 per cent of properties for sale as a percentage of the population. This compares to Glasgow which has more than 7,500 or 1.27 per cent. 

Alex Gosling, managing director of, said that the report appeared to show  a lack of properties for sale in the South East and West Midlands and an oversupply of properties in the North West.

The ten UK towns/cities with the lowest number of properties currently for sale as a proportion of the population of that town/city were:

1. Dundee

2. Aberdeen

3. Cambridge

4. Watford

5. Stock

6. Southend

7. Slough

8. Telford

9. Coventry

10. Luton

Those with the highest number of properties for sale as a proportion of the population  were:

1. Glasgow

2. Nottingham

3. Peterborough

4. Bolton

5. Manchester

6. Liverpool

7. Newcastle

8. Bournemouth

9. Swansea

10. Poole

According to the latest house price figures from LSL Property Services, the South West has become the fourth region - after London, the South East and East Anglia - where prices are now above their pre-recession peak, with the average cost of a house in England and Wales now £275,820.