Teachers named as best flatmates

Hygiene and cleanliness top of new flatmate criteria

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In a survey of over 1,000 flat and housesharers by flatsharing website easyroommate.co.uk just over half put teachers at the top of their most wanted list, closely followed by doctors and then IT workers, with those working in law in fourth place.

However, there were gender differences with nearly two thirds of women saying that they would prefer a doctor over any other profession.

"Professions which require a high level of qualification or professionalism are by far the most popular among flatsharers," said Jonathan Moore, general manager of easyroommate.co.uk. "Not only are they deemed a ‘safe pair of hands’ they are also considered to be less likely to cause some of the more common flatsharing complaints such as missing bill payments or hosting all night parties on a Sunday night.

“Teachers are particular popular as they are seen as personable and professional with a steady income. And because of their holiday structure, they may have extended periods away from their flat or house, an added bonus if homeowners renting rooms like to have their own space from time to time."

When asked which professions would least appeal as a new flatmate, 38 per cent specified farming and forestry. Construction was the second least favourable profession (22 per cent) while transportation and freight was third (15 per cent). 

Among those who are offering a room for rent, half admitted that a potential flatmate’s profession would affect their decision to offer them the room, while only a third of room hunters said their possible flatmate’s job would affect their decision to move in.

The only criteria more important than profession when looking for a flatsharer was their cleanliness and hygiene, according to the report. They were followed by age, then gender, and in fifth place, earnings.

"The very nature of flatsharing means there has to be give and take between flatmates," added Moore. "But one thing flatsharers are clearly not willing to compromise on is the cleanliness of their surroundings. The most common complaints among flatsharers are to do with the tidiness and hygiene of communal spaces and it’s important for a harmonious home that flat-mates respect each other’s desire to live in a pleasant environment."

According to new figures out today from Sequence UK rents are now £757 per month, up eight per cent annually, with new tenancies up 17 per cent. Buy-to-let mortgage applications are up a quarter on last year.

"The market is certainly heating up as we approach spring, with the number of new tenancies agreed soaring. I predict that rents will start to rise again if supply continues to fall short of demand," said Stephen Nation, Head of Lettings for Sequence, which includes Barnard Marcus, William H Brown, and Fox & Sons.

"While historically low interest rates continue to push would-be savers into the market, the number of investors will only grow. With demand rising at exceptional levels already this year, it is vitally important that the supply of properties to rent remains strong, otherwise we might see the same affordability challenges which are occurring in the sales market."