What compromises are househunters most likely to make?

Survey finds number of viewings before taking a decision on buying a new home is rising

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Househunters are most likely to compromise on garden size - followed by downstairs toilet - when searching for a new home, according to a survey from Move with Us.

Nearly 40 per cent of independent estate agents questioned said that the size of a property’s garden was the first thing to come off the must-have list.

A downstairs toilet was next on the list (33.5 per cent), followed by location (15.4 per cent), availability of parking (9.3 per cent) and the number of bedrooms (2.7 per cent).

The survey also revelead that the number of property viewings homebuyers complete before buying their new home is also rising, with the average number of properties a buyer views before buying in the 11-15 bracket.

Robin King, Director at Move with Us, said. "People are moving less often now so they aren’t as willing to compromise and are taking more time to find the right property."