What is your ideal home?

New research suggests it's a detached three bedroom house, not a castle

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The home that the majority of homeowners in the UK yearn for is a three bedroom detached property rather than anything crenellated. Two thirds of those questioned by Lloyds TSB also want a home with a garden and just over a third ideally require a garage. However, one in five admit they will probably need to reassess their expectations as they move up the housing ladder.

Indeed, a third of homeowners expected to be further along the housing ladder than they are now. 

One in five first-time buyers believe they will not be in their dream home until they are 36-45 years old. A further one in 10 think they will have to wait until they are between 46-55. Those already on the second rung of the ladder are not much more optimistic, with one in five believing they will be in their dream home sometime between the ages of 36-55, but a staggering 24% think that they will have to wait until they are at least 56 until they reach their long-term home.

Stephen Noakes, Mortgage Director, Lloyds TSB said: "With activity in the housing market still subdued, many current homeowners are not seeing the improvements in the value of their property that so often provides them with the equity to take that next step on their ladder. 

"Despite having relatively modest dreams of what we expect our long-term home to be, it is not surprising that so many homeowners, and particularly those on the early steps of the ladder, feel that they will have to put the hope of securing their ideal home back a few years."