Younger homeowners investing in outdoor space

A third of all homeowners say they are spending more time improving their outdoor spaces

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Homeowners aged 25 to 34 spend nearly twice as much on their outdoor spaces than the average UK homeowner.

According to Lloyds Bank Insurance, this age group spent an average of £747 on their outdoor spaces in the past year, more than double the average UK spend of £366.

The main reason for spending on the garden is simply  a love for gardening (29 per cent) and entertaining guests outside (24 per cent), while one in six are doing it to increase their property’s value.

One in five now owns a greenhouse and over a quarter have invested in new plants and flowers for their gardens in the past year.

Overall, a third of all homeowners say they are spending more time and money improving their outdoor spaces compared to 5 years ago.

The study of 2,000 UK homeowners found that the most popular accessories for outdoor spaces are outdoor furniture, owned by 81 per cent of British homeowners, barbecues (49 per cent), and trampolines (10 per cent).

Despite this, over a third of people admit that they do not have a secure lock for their garden and a quarter that none of their outdoor items are insured.