10 reasons why...

That was the weekend that was
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Football goals should not be made bigger

1 Goalkeepers would go from mad to psychotic.

2 Andy Cole would still hit the post.

3 Alan Shearer would score 100 goals a season.

4 Brazil would score from their own penalty area.

5 Sky TV would try to sell the extra advertising space.

6 Penalty shoot-outs would last for three days (or until Chris Waddle stepped up).

7 Bolton Wanderers' strikers would feel as if they were being teased.

8 The game would become more popular with the Americans (Oh, joy).

9 We would realise just how boring the game has been for the past 130 years with small goals.

10 Fans sitting behind the goal would have their view of the match obscured still further.

Germans retain limit on foreigners

Germany's 36 First and Second Division clubs have voted unanimously to maintain, by "gentlemen's agreement", a limit of three foreign players per side, which has been outlawed by the European Court, until the end of the season.

But the Bayern Munich president, Franz Beckenbauer, expressed doubts whether the agreement - which the national federation has no means to enforce - would hold.