A question of cash: who gets what in brave new world

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ENGLAND: Basic pounds 24,000 for squad membership; plus pounds 2,000 for each match started; pounds 1,000 for replacements (whether they play or not). Total for ever-present player (six matches): pounds 36,000. No win bonuses.

IRELAND: Contracted players (30 maximum) pounds 7,500; match fee pounds 3,000 for each Five Nations game; pounds 1,000 for replacements. Bonuses: pounds 500 per draw; pounds 1,000 per win. Team regular, including fees for Tests against Fiji and US, gets maximum pounds 28,500, minimum pounds 24,500.

SCOTLAND: Retainer of pounds 5,000; pounds 2,500 for Western Samoa Test; pounds 3,000 for each Five Nations match, plus bonus of pounds 5,500 for winning Grand Slam; pounds 4,400 for coming second; pounds 3,300 3rd; pounds 2,200 4th; pounds 1,100 last. Total for Grand Slam season: pounds 25,000.

WALES: pounds 2,000 for Fiji and Italy Tests, plus pounds 300 to beat Fiji and pounds 1,000 to beat Italy. Five Nations contracts not signed, but ever-present expected to receive pounds 15,000 - increasing to pounds 25,000 through bonuses if Wales win Grand Slam.

FRANCE: The squad have already missed out on the pounds 42,600 jackpot that was the prize for a 100 per cent season by losing one Test to the All Blacks. But by winning the first Test they are above the minimum offered for a losing season of pounds 20,000. Win bonuses are graded according to degree of difficulty of opposition. Estimated earnings: pounds 35,000.