Alexander Popov & Denis Pankratov to lead Russia's Olympic Games squad

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Russia's powerful squad for the Olympic Games will be led by Alexander Popov and Denis Pankratov who helped to set a European relay record at the weekend. Pankratov and Popov combined with Vladimir Selkov and Roman Ivanovsky to clock 3min 37.48sec in the 4x100m medley relay at the Russian championships on Saturday, breaking the record set by Russia at the European championships in Vienna last August. .

AUSTRALIA OLYMPIC TEAM: Men: 50m freestyle: C Fydler. 100m freestyle: Fydler. 200m freestyle: M Klim; G Housman. 400m freestyle: D Kowalski; M Allen. 1500m freestyle: Kowalski; K Perkins. 100m breaststroke: P Rogers. 200m breaststroke: R Mitchell; Rogers. 100m butterfly: S Miller; Klim. 200m butterfly: S Goodman; Miller. 100m backstroke: S Dewick. 200m backstroke: Dewick. 200m individual medley: S Coombs, M Dunn. 400m individual medley: Dunn. Women: 50m freestyle: K van Wirdum; S Ryan. 100m freestyle: S O'Neill; J Greville. 200m freestyle: J Greville. 400m freestyle: H Lewis. 800m freestyle: Lewis; S Gartrell. 100m breaststroke: H Denman; S Riley. 200m breaststroke: N Neumann; Riley. 100m butterfly: O'Neill. 200m butterfly: O'Neill. 100m backstroke: N Stevenson. 200m backstroke: Stevenson. 200m individual medley: E Overton. 400m individual medley: E Johnson.