Almanack: Why Jorge failed to keep in the pink

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JORGE CAMPOS, the Mexican national team's goalkeeper, continues to embellish his reputation for unorthodox behaviour. Last week we celebrated his goalscoring exploits in the Mexican league. Now Jorge is in hot water with the authorities: it seems that his favoured gaudy rig-out could cost him his place in the national team.

Marcelino Garcia Paniagua, the Mexican soccer federation president, has told Jorge to wear a shirt provided by the team's suppliers. 'Campos has broken the rules and he could be thrown out of the national team,' Paniagua pronounced. Until now Jorge, a former surfer born in Acapulco, has worn his own kit, predominantly coloured a dazzling, fluorescent pink. Bright blue, yellow and luminous green also feature in the design.

Jorge's controversial costume caused a row after a recent friendly against Brazil. 'It has so many colours,' Carlos Alberto Parreira, the Brazilian coach, complained'that he blends into the crowd behind him.' If only David Seaman had taken a leaf out of Jorge's book and adopted more colourful tactics against the Dutch . . .