American Football: Mid Term Report: WHO'S BEEN SAYING WHAT IN '96

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The players know what I want to get accomplished. Some of them get it. Some don't get it, and I'm looking to replace the ones who aren't.

Bill Parcells, New England's head coach, after his side's indifferent start


Where we are, they can't afford to put me out there.

Larry Brown, who signed a $12m contract to join Oakland from Dallas in the summer, and was still having problems with his new side's defensive system six weeks into the new season.


We got our butts kicked. We couldn't do anything. It was an awful performance. I am embarrassed and ashamed of our team. We could not stop them and we could not move the ball. They blocked better, they were tougher and they were coached better.

Jim Mora, of the New Orleans Saints, after defeat in Carolina. A day later his 10-year tenure as head coach was over


If you cut me, I'm going to come back and haunt you the same way.

Irving Fryar, Philadelphia wide receiver, to his head coach after scoring four touchdowns against his former club, Miami


Dan is better with a cast on his leg than half the quarterbacks in the league, including me.

Craig Erickson, Admirable honesty from Dan Marino's back-up


I agree with you Bruce. You're definitely underpaid.

A battered Jim Harbaugh, having just played against the disgruntled Bruce Smith


Learning our

offense - any pro offense really - is harder than learning chemistry or calculus.

Brett Favre shows off his educated mind