Another blow to Bugner

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Joe Bugner has been refused a licence to box Brighton's triple champion, Scott Welch, in Britain. The British Boxing Board of Control said that "on the basis of two contests not of high standard... it was not prepared to grant a licence to Bugner."

It is the second blow for Bugner in the past few weeks. The Commonwealth Council did not feel they could rank him among the contenders for Welch's Commonwealth crown. The promoter, Frank Warren, then decided to apply for Bugner to challenge for Welch's World Boxing Organisation inter-continental title on 23 March - 10 days after Bugner's 46th birthday.

Warren is going to try again. He will urge the Board in writing to reconsider their decision, but he is adamant that the fight will go on and recently mentioned southern Ireland, which is outside of the British Board's jurisdiction, as a possible venue.

Bugner said: "I'm very disappointed with the British Boxing Board of Control. All through my career they have done nothing but give me grief."

Warren said: "Joe has passed all the medicals and the WBO have also sanctioned the fight. And it can't be anything to do with age because Dennis Andries is still fighting and George Foreman fought for me in this country when he was past 40.

Bugner was out of the ring for nearly eight years when he returned to outpoint Vince Cervi for the Australian title last September. Last month he knocked out the American, West Turner, in his second return bout.